Research Activities at VKA

Group photo of staff

Over 70 PhD students are actively engaged in research on various topics.The different fields of knowledge all comprise the field of conventional, modern and future drive solutions for mobility.

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Center for Mobile Propulsion – CMP

Charging Corridor

RWTH Aachen University created a unique research center with the Center for Mobile Propulsion, CMP. The test lab is an ideal fit for the research of electrified power trains given its interdisciplinary fields. A wide range of various testing facilities can be used.

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Fuel Design Center – FDC

Alternative Fuels

The improvement of the institutional structures of the Cluster of Excellence “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass“ as well as the requirement to create a sustainable, jointly used research center was essential for the founding of FDC. With its structure and orientation, the FDC can be assigned to the profile areas “Mobility & Transport Engineering“ – MTE, “Energy, Chemical & Process Engineering, ECPE for short, and “Molecular Science & Engineering“ – MSE.

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Cluster of excellence

The cluster of excellence “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass” explores new and on biomass based, synthetic fuels to determine its potential regarding modern motoric technologies. 

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Research facilities

Powertrain Test Bench

Are you interested in the research facilities that are used?

Our institute has various modern research facilities for the development of current and future power trains. Here you can get a general idea of the research facilities. 


Post graduate programs

In our post graduate program Integrated Energy Supply Modules for Roadbound E-Mobility scientists involved with engineering sciences and natural sciences are brought together to work on research topics such as electrochemistry, heat and mass transfer as well as thermodynamics and simulation technology and cybernetics. 

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Libary, Books

Here you can get access to various publications of our institute. In large part those can be purchased from the institute directly or from the library.  

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We are available for scientific lectures. Please contact our office if interested.

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